Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hello my name is Nick Barlotta and you can find me on twitter @barlottn.  After reading a few different articles I chose three that I found the most interesting.  One of the most interesting articles that I found was about lists on twitter.  I have been on Twitter for about two years now and had no idea what lists were.  I mostly just follow friends and YouTube gamers on twitter.  I check my twitter feed a few times per day but only tweet a few times a week.  I follow close to 70 people on twitter so I can go through my feed with ease and not get too bogged down with tweets.  Over the years I have seen many people who follow thousands of people and I always wondered how do they go through all those tweets on their feed.  With that many tweets I figured they either did not their check twitter feed or just aimlessly scrolled through twitter all day but who has time for that.  I'm actually going to use lists on twitter so that I can organize my tweets and possible find new people through some of my followers lists as well.

 The next article I read was about a school in Newport, England using e-learning via Twitter.  A few weeks ago I would have never thought that Twitter could be used for learning.  Whenever I have used Twitter in the past it has been to communicate with friends and joke around.  I saw Twitter as a way to communicate, meet new people, and to stay up to date on breaking news of any kind.  The Newport school is taking education to another level with e-learning.  Denise Richards the head teacher of the Newport school is the genius and leader behind their new e-learning movement.  She wants to further the education her students and keep them informed.  This keeps the departments and faculty in sync and up to date with their teaching techniques. E-learning is a great way to keep up with the times.

I have heard about blogs and probably read a few in my life but this is my first blog ever.  A Blog
is kind of like an online diary that other people around the world can read.  Blogs can be personal, professional, and many other things.  They are a good way to express oneself and also get your message out there.  Blogs can be written by one author or co-written by multiple authors.  Wordpress.com is a popular website where you can create a blog or a website.  That's all I have for my blog today but I will be back next week with some new information and my opinions.

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