Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hi my name is Nick Barlotta and you can find me on twitter @barlottn.  I'm back for the second week of my blog and I'm ready to talk about different topics this week.  This week I learned that Google is much more than just a great search engine.  For the last year I thought that I needed word on my Mac computer so that I could write papers and such.  I had no idea that I could use Google Drive to write papers.  It's also such an easy and user friendly word processor.  With google drive your document will automatically save.  As of June 2013 Google drive introduced 65 different languages that you can practice with. No need to bring a flash drive because you can access your documents by logging into your google account from any computer.  You can also work on a document with multiple at the same time from different computers which is great for a group presentation.  I wish I would of knew about google drive long before I learned about it.  Another awesome tool from Google is their translate app that can be used through your phone.  You can now use Google Translate on the go through your phone.  You just activate the app and set it to what languages you want translated.  Watch this video on how it works which is pretty mind boggling:

Personal learning networks (PLN) are a great way to get connected to with other professionals inside and outside of your professional field.  These connections and relationships you make can help further your career and possibly lead to a new job and new experiences.  The Connected Educator  is a great book for developing and learning about PLN's.  Networks are a great way to find new information and ideas and bring it back to share with your communities.  When developing a PLN always make sure that you conduct yourself in a professional and ethical manner.  I hope you learned some new things and enjoyed another week of my blog.    

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