Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All about Zite

Hi, my name is Nick Barlotta and you can tweet to me at @barlottn.  This will be my fourth blog and I'm definitely getting the hang of it while I learn new things and share them with you.  I read The Connected Educator this week and it learned some really great information.  Professional learning communities are great but connected learning communities are the now.  Educators can use connected learning communities to interact with others.  Three ways they use a connected learning communities to interact and communicate are professional learning communities,  personal learning networks, and communities of practice or inquiry. The connected learning communities uses a three pronged approach to professional development which is  local community, global network, and bounded community.  Connected learning communities are also a great way to share different ideas and cultures.  A successful learning community must embrace diversity in order to evolve with the times and stay relevant.  Diversity is a strength not a weakness in all aspects of life.

Zite is an awesome app that caters to your needs when it comes to news. Its a great new way to get your news. Its available in the app store on both iPhone and Android devices.  This fantastic app has a topic for everyone even if you are not a big fan news in general.  In a few minutes you can set up profile and get all the news you need. You can link Zite up with twitter and share articles with your followers.  You can also give Zite a thumbs up or down which tells the app to pull more articles from that source.  According to Zite is doesn't give out your information to advertisers which is always a good thing.  Zite is user friendly and has hundred of thousands of downloads and was even bought out by CNN.

Zite has been so popular that it was bought by CNN then sold by CNN to Flipboard.  The deal between CNN and Flipboard is valued at $60 million.  Flipboard wants to capitalize on Zite's technology.  Zite's personalization technology is what helped make it so popular and now very coveted.    The app delivers great results based upon its ability to cater to the users need.  With Zite and Flipboard teaming up together the sky is the limit.  Thats all for my week four blog.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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